Anonymous access via URL

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You must have 'Manage all custom forms' global permission or be included in the list of users of a custom form with the permission 'Manage this custom form and its records' to perform the actions below.


Each form is basically a web page and therefore has an URL. By obtaining the respective URL for a custom form you can allow any user connected to the Internet to access the custom form directly from the address bar in a browser. The custom form editing page has a special field that will return the URL of the custom form at your request.



Only active custom forms have a working URL.



To obtain the URL of a form:



Click Custom Forms on the header menu.


Click 'Manage custom forms'.


Go to Active tab to view the active forms.


Click the 'Edit' link on the form whose URL you want to retrieve.


Under What to do next, select 'Allow anonymous users to add records' if you want to allow anybody on the Web to access the form. Note: to make this setting effective, make sure you use 'Save changes' button before you leave the form screen.


Click 'Show link' button.


As the URL opens in a text box, you can copy it to Clipboard and share it with other people.


Click 'Save changes' to save changes. See note in 5 above.




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