Adding records

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Once you have created a custom forms, it can be used to add records to it. For example, you can create a form designed to collect feedback from your customers and embed it into your website.


To add a record to a custom form:



Click Custom Forms on the header menu.


Locate the form you want to add a record to.


Click 'Add' opposite the name of the form. (NOTE: Clicking the name of the form will cause all its records to be displayed instead.)


In the pop-up dialog box, fill in the fields with text, select a date, checkbox, radio button, etc. depending on available fields and controls.


Click 'Submit' when you are done.


Repeat Steps 2 to 5 to add as many records as you need.


Alternative ways to add records


Since you can publish your custom forms, there are other ways to add records to a form. These include:


adding records by accessing the form online through the form's URL. See Anonymous access via URL code for details.

adding records to a form embedded in a website. See Anonymous access via HTML code for details.



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