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You can choose to allow anonymous users, i.e. anybody connected to the Internet, to submit records to a custom form. To learn more, refer to Anonymous access via URL.


As an anonymous user submits a record, a notification will be emailed to those EP users that can receive notifications. Refer to Notifications to custom form users. In addition, you can instruct the custom form notification system to send a notification at any email address specified by the submitter. For example, on the actual form the submitter might see the text: "Please specify an email address to send confirmation about your submitting an answer to this form." The field can be made mandatory or optional, as you prefer. To have this to work, the custom form should have at least one field of the Input type. Refer to Form building blocks. The field will be used to copy

an email address from, and use it to send a notification to.


To set up notifications that require an email address to be specified:



Start creating a custom form, or open a saved custom form to edit it.


Make sure the form has at least one field of the Input type.


Under What to do next, select 'Allow anonymous users to add records'.


Use 'Show code' or 'Show link' to view either HTML code or an URL for accessing the form. Note: Only active custom forms have a working HTML code or URL, so make sure to put the form to active mode before using the option. Refer to Active forms to learn more.


Select 'Send notification'.


Select the field to copy the email address for notification from.


Click 'Save changes' for the changes to take effect.



Only active custom forms have a working URL.




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