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This type of notifications is used to notify the users included in the custom form's list of users—which may be individual users, teams, or predefined user groups—that a record has been added to the custom form. Being included in the list is not enough,— to be notified,

a user, team or predefined user group must have the notification option enabled.


To set up notifications for a custom form user, team or predefined user group  use these steps:



Start creating a custom form, or open a saved custom form to edit it.


Click '+ Add users or teams' to open the list of available users, teams and predefined user groups.


Select the Easy Projects user, team or predefined group (Everyone) that you want to add to the custom form users.


As the permitted actions editor opens, select the 'Send notification when new record is submitted' checkbox.


Click 'Apply'.




Guest users cannot be added to the custom form's list of users. However, you can give access to all guest users by selecting the 'Allow guest users to access the form' option under What to do next. Refer to Guest users below to learn more.


Notifications to guest users


Guest users are Easy Projects users with limited access powers and are not included on the list of users

you select from on Step 4 above. While you cannot directly add a guest user to the list of users of a custom form,

you can grant such users the right to add records to any custom form you create. For granting guest users access

to a custom form, refer to Selecting custom form users.


While you cannot notify guest users using the procedure above for the reason just explained, you can employ

the other type of custom form notifications that involves specifying an email address to send confirmation to, the

same way it is done for anonymous users. Refer to Notifications to anonymous users to learn more.





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