Creating projects based on templates

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You can use projects as templates for quick creation of projects with activities. For this a special status—Template—is used. When you create a project based on a template, not only all the activities along with their names but all the details of the template are copied to the project being created, with one exception.


Regardless of the template's start date, even if it is not specified (no start date), the project's start date will always be set to the current date, irrespective of whether it is a working day or a weekend. Since the template's duration is also copied (if available), the end date of the project will be adjusted accordingly.


The starting date of the activities is governed by the following rules:



Start date is not specified if it is not in the template activity it is created from.


Start date of the activity with the closest (in time) start date is set to be equal to the start date of the project, that of the rest of the activities is calculated so as to be separated from the start date of the project by the same number of days as in the template.


End date of an activity is adjusted accordingly to account for the duration if available in the template activity it is created from.



To create a project based on a template:



In Activity Center, type the name of the project in the creation bar.


Select 'Project' in the 'Create new' drop-down field.


Select the template you want to use in the 'based on template' drop-down field.


Hit Enter or click "Create".



Viewing templates


You can view available templates using the Template preset view in Activity Center.


To open the view:



In Activity Center, click the view selector ().


Select the Templates view.