Draft status

Activity Center > Projects

One of the statuses you can assign to a project is Draft. It is available on the Project statuses tab in System Lists.


The Draft status of projects has a number of special features:


no email notifications will be sent out for any events (e.g. when you add tasks, change dates, assignees, etc).

Activities of 'Draft' projects are not visible on My Assignments page;

'Draft' projects are hidden from the Activity Center, unless you use the 'Drafts' view; and

You have an option to show 'Drafts' on the Resource Loading reports.



It is recommended that you use “Drafts” anytime you’re planning a project and need to see how it’s going to affect your schedule without bombarding your team with notification emails.


Viewing drafts


You can view available drafts using the Drafts preset view in Activity Center.


To open the view:


Using preset view:



In Activity Center, click the view selector ().


Select the Drafts view.


Using advanced filters:


You can always view draft projects using an appropriate filter. It can be a single filter or a combination of several ones.



In Activity Center, click the advanced filters button ().


Select Statuses tab.


Under Project status, select the 'Drafts' checkbox.




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