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Audit trail is a sequence of records documenting the processing of a transaction flow through a project.


Easy Projects uses two levels of audit trail log - project and activity. Providing an accurate chronological sequence of records, each of which contains evidence directly pertaining to and resulting from the execution of a business process or system function, an audit trail log can be of great help to a manager.


In other words, the audit trail log acts as a 'black box' recording every event or change occurring in a project's lifetime, in fully automatic mode.


In what relates to audit trail, it is also very much important to take into consideration the liability issues of your audit trails, as many times in case of dispute, these audit trails can work as an evidence for some incident.



Project audit trail log only reflects changes occurring on the project level. E.g. the event of adding an activity will not show on the project log.


To access the audit trail log of a project:



Log in to your Easy Projects account.


Select Projects & Tasks | Activity Center.


Locate the project whose audit trail you want to see.


Click the name of the activity.


In the Project details screen, select the Audit Trail checkbox beneath the Primary fields and Custom fields sections.


As a result, audit trail events will appear on the general log of messages, uploaded files and events.







The timestamps automatically added for system events are time zone-sensitive. It means that a user in time zone T+2 will see an event with a time stamp that is two hours ahead of that which a user in time zone T will see.



1. User A (whose time zone is UTC-2) adds a message at 10:20 AM. He opens project audit trail log and sees that he added the message at 10:20 AM.

2. User B (whose time zone is UTC+1) opens the project audit trail log and sees that User A added a message at 01:20 PM.



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