What's New This Week

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This widget shows all new audit trail events that have occurred this week in relation to projects and activities that the user has access to. For example, it can be used to quickly access any messages that are posted recently for an activity on which you are one of the assignees. You can limit the number of items displayed on the widget. See Widget Settings below.


Events that can be displayed include:



Activity has been assigned to you,


Activity has been completed,


Project has been completed,


Message(s) has(ve) been posted,


File(s) has(ve) been attached



Illustration: The What’s new this week widget on Dashboard





The widget has the following controls:






Accesses the widget’s settings


Toggles between the minimized and expanded state of the widget window,


Closes the widget.


Widget Settings


The widget has the following editable settings:



Widget display name. Default: What's New This Week


Maximum number of elements to display. Default: 10


Show new messages (checkbox)


Show new files (checkbox)






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