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This widget shows the estimated workload for the people the user is able to see. The algorithm for this chart is identical to the Resource Loading report.




The widget has the following controls:






Accesses the widget’s settings


Toggles between the minimized and expanded state of the widget window,


Closes the widget.


Widget Settings


The widget has the following editable settings:



Widget display name. Default value: Resource Loading Chart.


Maximum number of elements to display on one page. Default value: 10.


Time period. Default value: This month.


Threshold (%). Default value: 5.



If the number of hours per day exceeds the limit (8 hours/day) by the percentage set in the threshold field, the bar on the Resource Loading chart will turn red.




If the threshold is 5% and a user is scheduled to work for less than 8 hours today, the load bar will become green, as shown:



If the load goes above 8,4 hours (8 hours + 5%), the bar will become red, as shown:



The same applies to other time ranges specified in the widget settings, e.g. with the 'This Week' range selected, the bar will become red if a user's load is over 42 hours ((8 * 5 = 40 hours) + 5%).



Behavior on Click


When you click on the vertical chart a Resource page opens, with the following filters:


User: selected User,


Range: selected "Date Range",


Report type: "Resource Loading Report".


Illustration: Resource Loading Chart on Dashboard



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