Project Health - Earned Value Analysis

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This widget shows a pie chart showing the health of your projects (EVA – earned value analysis). See Project health to learn more.


Illustration: Project Health Chart on Dashboard



As you mouse over the sections of the pie chart, a list of respective projects is displayed.





The widget has the following controls:






Accesses the widget’s settings


Toggles between the minimized and expanded state of the widget window,


Closes the widget.


Widget Settings


The widget has the following editable settings:



Widget display name



SPI and CPI Indices


See SPI and CPI thresholds.



Calculating CPI and SPI individually


Use 'Allow calculating CPI and SPI individually' (Settings > General > Advanced settings > Project Health (Earned Value Analysis) settings) to make sure one of the indices is calculated when the other one is unavailable.


Other Project Health Chart Requirements


To be included in the chart, a project must meet the following requirements. It must:



have a start date specified,


have an end date specified or calculated, and


be less than 100% complete.



At Risk or Trouble Projects Tips


Here are some tips on why your project is showing up under Trouble or At Risk:




Your StartDate has lapsed and there has been no progress/update.

1) Push back your start date, or

2) Specify a non-zero progress for this project.

Your Project has gone past it's EndDate and it is not completed.

1) Set one of your activities to a date in the future, or

2) Complete the project.

Your ActualHours have exceeded the EstimatedHours

Go to the Activity listings page and set progress to 100% and close down all sub-tasks.

Your Project is completed (progress 100%) but there are some sub-activities which are still open.

Go to the Activity listings page and set progress to 100% and close down all sub-tasks.



As a rule of thumb, if you notice that your Project is set to "Trouble" or "At Risk" - it's best to look at the following fields for a possible answer.







Progress (all activities/tasks/completed),


Estimated Hours (Project),


Actual Hours (Project)






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