Hours by Project Chart

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This widget shows a vertical chart with hours spent to date on the selected projects. The chart will either show several projects or a single project depending on the "Customer" and "Project" filters settings at the top of the page.


Illustration: Hours by Projects on Dashboard



Behavior on click


When you click a bar on the chart it will open the Project report page with the filters set as follows:



Project: set selected project,


Report type: set to ‘Detailed time sheet’,


Range: ‘Specified date range’ with empty start and end date.





The widget has the following controls:






Accesses the widget’s settings


Toggles between the minimized and expanded state of the widget window,


Closes the widget.


Widget Settings


The widget has the following editable settings:



Widget display name. Default: Hours by Project.


Maximum number of elements to display. Default: 10


Time Period. Default: this month.






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