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Easy Projects comes with a calendar feature, allowing you to keep record of you business meetings, have a graphical presentation where activities start or end on a timeline, quickly access details of any displayed activity for editing purposes, etc.


To access Calendar, select Calendar on the Tools menu.



Illustration: Selecting Calendar from the Tools menu.




Apart from activities assigned to you, Calendar allows you to see any activity you have created, even if you are not among the assignees on the activity.


To view activities on a project(s) you are NOT a member of, you must at least have ‘Access all projects’ global permission and ‘View all tasks’ / ‘View all issues’ OR ‘View all requests’ NON-project member permissions enabled in your role.



Key elements in the Calendar screen include:



One month-backward and forward buttons ( and );


A month-and-year filter;


The for field, with a drop-down menu to choose among ‘All assignees’, ‘Unassigned’ and assigned to specific users;



•  Activities without milestones

•  Events

•  Activities with no start and/or end date

•  Milestones ()

•  Vacation Type (All Vacation Types, Don't Show Vacations, [available value 1],...)

•  Customer (All customers, No customer, [available value 1], [available value 2],...)

•  Project (All projects, [available value 1], [available value 2],...)

•  Status (All statuses, [available value 1], [available value 2],...)

•  Type (activity) (Show Everything, [available value 1], [available value 2],...)

•  Category ([available value 1], [available value 2],...)

•  Progress (<, >, [number]]

•  Priority ([available value 1], [available value 2],...)

•  Portfolio (All portfolios,...)



Customize (allows adding custom filters)


A 7 x 5 matrix representing 35 calendar days, with a full set of days of the current month, one or few last days of the previous, and one or few starting days of the subsequent month.




If you have defined more than one type of vacation (see User menu | System lists), a drop-list of vacation types to choose from will be displayed replacing the Vacation checkbox above.



Export Calendar to iCal


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Public holidays


Public holidays are shown as dark gray cells on Calendar. On how to add public holidays to Calendar, refer to Company schedule.


Manage vacations


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Notification options


Clicking the 'Notification options' button gives access to an option panel where you can select the recipients of notifications and when these are to be sent.


The recipients include:







Any available user(s) you create a list from by first selecting the 'Also include' checkbox and then adding from a drop-down list by the 'Add user' button.


When-to-send-notification options include:



Event is changed


Event is assigned


Event is deleted



Do not forget to click 'Apply' to save the selected options.




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