Adding events to Calendar

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Apart from viewing activities or events, the Calendar feature enables you to add an event to your working calendar, just like you would add an entry to your organizer.


To add an event, follow this procedure:



Select a month and year of your choice, in respective drop-down menus in Month and Year fields. Alternatively, you can make your selection by clicking the one-month backward () or forward () buttons the required number of times. E.g., if the current month is May, 2007, to select September, 2007, click the forward button four times. Note that as you reach December, next click will result in January of next year.



Consider using the "Apply" button to force changes to take effect. This is helpful when changes you make are slow to or would not take effect automatically, due to web application limitations.



Click on a square with the required day of the month (e.g. May, 9th).


Type a name for the event. Click "Save".



Illustration: Adding an event to Calendar with minimum details



Alternatively, click "Specify more details" to add details to the event. Click "Save".



Illustration: Adding to Calendar an event with a list of assignees.




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