Adding group events to Calendar

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To be able to add a group event, the user must have the ‘Create group events’ permission enabled in her role.


It is possible to add a group event to Calendar. This way you can have an event to be visible to all the users the event is assigned to.


To add a group event, follow these steps:



Get to the Calendar page, by selecting Calendar on Tools menu.


Click on the required date’s square (e.g. June, 11th). Type the event’s name. Click the "Specify more details" button.


 Illustration: Adding a group event requires specifying additional details.



Give the event detailed description (optional). Select an activity assignee from a drop-down list, and click "Add".


 Illustration: As you selected a participant for a group event, click "Add"  to put him on the list To add the event to Calendar use 'Save'.



Proceed to add as many activity assignees as you wish to share the event. If you added an assignee by mistake, you could exclude him by сlicking the "Exclude" button.


When you are through, click "Save" to add the event to Сalendar.




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