Search overview

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The search tool is designed to help you find projects, activities, etc. using text string search. The following fields are searched to contain the required string of characters:



Project name and description;


Portfolio name and description;


Activity  (each type is searched separately, and the results are presented separately for tasks, issues and requests) name and description;


Event name and description;


Time entry description;


Message text;


Attachment name (file name);


Knowledge base help topics.


To access search:



Select Search item on the Tools menu.


To learn more, click on the respective item in the Related links below.



It is important to remember that unless you have permission(s) to view projects, activities (of one or more types), time entries, and events, searching for respective items will not be available to you.



Search will not work for those items which have a status treated as complete and for which the respective 'Show completed...' option has been turned off.




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