Workflow overview

EP Help General > Settings > Workflow

To access Workflow, you must have the ‘Manage system settings’ permission enabled in her role. How to enable permissions, see Roles and Permissions.


Workflow is a menu item on User menu.


The workflow feature enables you to set a complete set of statuses for your projects, task and portfolios. The 'workflow' means that the statuses mark various stages of your work process (workflow), such as the setting the process off, having it in progress, putting it on hold, and completing it. There may be other stages in between depending on the actual workflow in your organization.


Typical Easy Projects workflow is as follows:



Create a list of statuses of their respective types you are going to use and assign them to various stages used in your company's workflow.


Set default statuses assigned to newly created items (portfolio, project, task, issue, or request).


Set default statuses for completed items (project, task, issue, or request).


As new work processes emerge, add new statuses to the list.


Assign your projects, tasks, etc. appropriate status to mark their state and position within your company's workflow.




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