Login types - combine AD and Forms users

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Q. How do we setup our self-hosted EP to allow for both windows Active Directory users And users outside our domain (Form authenticated users)?
A. Yes, you'll need a cache balancing tool called Redis to keep the info for both types of users dynamic and up to date - See the steps, below:

1 Create a separate virtual folder/application in IIS that points to the same EP folder as the one using AD, and enable Forms authentication for it and make sure anonymous is enabled, too.


2 download and install Redis from: https://github.com/MSOpenTech/redis/releases 


3 There should be no special requirements for redis - and no special configuration - install, start, then put a server name and other Redis info in that section of the web.config file

 <RedisHost> </RedisHost>
 <RedisPassword> </RedisPassword>


You can use <RedisHost>localhost</RedisHost> if Redis is installed on the same server or full path to Redis server, if not


Also, you need to make sure that port 6379 it NOT available from outside (closed in a firewall)